Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

December 2022 Meeting

Meeting Minutes

PLACE : Home of Angelia Spraberry

DATE:  December 6 

TIME: 6:30 PM


Renae Patterson welcomed everyone and introduced herself and the members of the board.  New members were welcomed. The guests stood up and introduced themselves and stated where they lived in the neighborhood.  Renae thanked Angelia Spraberry for hosting and presented her with a gift.


The minutes are on the website for everyone to read. Renae asked for a motion for them to be approved. Kathy Sexton motioned to approve and Cassandra Cox seconded the motion.

Treasury Report: 

Phyllis Gilbert read the treasury report.

New Business: 

Terry Crutchfield spoke about the coat drive in January.  They will be donated to King’s Home.

A fundraiser is being planned to sell Boston Butts to raise money for another bench in the neighborhood. The date has not been decided yet.  A sign up sheet was passed around to see how many of the butts members would be willing to sell. We need at least 100 sold to raise enough funds.

The next meeting in February was discussed. It will be at the home of Jennifer Pierce. We will have a speaker from the sheriff’s department on how to protect yourselves from scams. In April we will have a fashion show at Hami Boutique.  The end of the year party will be in June.

Door Prizes:

Local resident Courtney Simmons donated a certificate worth up to $25.00. She sells wine for Scout & Cellar. To learn more about the wines visit scoutandcellar.com/courtneysimmons

We also had 2 more donated door prizes that were given out.

The recipient of the Amore gift card for bringing the most items for the food drive for Asbury food pantry was Terry Marlowe.  We are so thankful for all who donated to the pantry.  

Adjourn: 7:47 PM.